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How Smart Home Technology Can Add Value to Your Project

Smart home technology added value

Smart home technology can easily add value to your next project

Everyone wants to see the value of their property increase and incorporating these latest smart home systems are a simple solution. Not only are these systems part of a long-term strategy to build future proof homes, but they also provide the comfort and luxury that homeowners are now expecting as the 'norm'. 

These smart home systems offer advantages which benefits everyone. Buyers seek the added lifestyle value for security, convenience and sustainability, whilst developers seek the added cost value for market value price and saleability.

Added cost value and saleability

With the current demand for smart homes, home automation systems are going to make a property more attractive and are going to facilitate in closing the sale, quickly. It's a great differentiating factor within a competitive market.

Now is the time to create properties which will serve the needs and expectations of the population today, and for decades to come.

“Property values can be increased by 5% should they have added smart home features.”

Added lifestyle value

More of us are realising the benefits of smart home capabilities: cheaper energy, solid security, dynamic entertainment options and intelligent lighting that enhance every activity and experience.

Homeowners are wise to these when considering what makes their property valuable, making them more likely to invest in their future homes.

“80% of home buyers prefer homes that are equipped with smart home technology.”

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