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Smart home entertainment

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We create a simplified, luxury and immersive home entertainment experience by incorporating high-resolution audio, best-in-class surround sound, high-definition TV and customised mood lighting to complete the experience.

Home cinemas

Home cinemas offer the ultimate entertainment at home to enjoy with your family and friends. Our custom designed smart home systems provide the perfect multimedia and immersive experiences from any source, on any screen type. As home cinema installation experts, we design and install bespoke home cinema systems to meet your unique needs and future proof your home.

The cornerstone of any great home cinema is the AV technology. A big, bright screen, a stellar surround sound system, and high-res components are critical to the experience. However, if this equipment is too difficult to operate, you’ll quickly begin to lose interest in your entertainment investment. We provide a system that consolidates the controls of all AV components into one single remote. Instead of juggling several clickers, pressing one button on one remote can begin the entire home cinema setup. Commands can even extend to equipment beyond AV, as many home cinema systems can be configured to command the room lights, fibre optic “stars” on the ceiling, temperature settings, or even a motorised lift that rolls down a projection screen from the ceiling. Indeed, much of a home cinema's appeal has to do with special effects and the overall room atmosphere. The space should be inviting and welcoming, while also giving off a vibe of being a special area of your home where you can escape and heighten your senses with pure entertainment. When you combine whole-home automation and entertainment systems, you elevate your home cinema experience.

Set the scene

We all know displays look brighter and more vibrant in a dark environment. It’s the same in your home cinema. Under the command of a home cinema system, the lights in your home cinema can fade slowly to black when you press play. If it’s more comfortable, you can have some of the lights—like step lights—stay on at a dim level so that latecomers can see their way to their seats. When the movie is over, the lights can slowly ramp up.

We specialise in transforming any room in your house into perfect entertainment spaces for watching films & TV shows, playing games and enjoying surround sound.

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