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Delivering peace of mind through added security solutions

Smart homes use a combination of technologies to enhance the security of your home. Security systems comprise of cameras, motion sensors and alarm systems. Additionally, smart homes can also incorporate additional measures such as fingerprint readers, voice recognition technologies, and eyeball readers to restrict, authenticate, and grant access.

In addition to controlling more obvious security-related devices such as electronic door locks, surveillance cameras, and motion sensors, smart security systems can also automate lights, control motorised windows and shades, and can even simulate occupancy by mimicking your home routine to make it look like you're at home. But modern security systems prevent more than break-ins—they can also keep your home safe from environmental dangers with sensors that report flooding, power shortages, and extreme temperatures, providing you complete peace of mind. 

Real time updates

No matter where you are—at work, on a business trip, running errands, or on holiday—you’ll be able to remotely check on your house via your mobile device. Naturally, you’ll be alerted if an alarm goes off or if a sensor is tripped, but you can also receive email or text alerts if moisture is detected in the basement or if an off-limits cabinet has been opened. With a more robust security and automation system, you’ll be able to confirm security settings, check if any doors and windows were left open, or see in real time who disarmed the alarm or opened the garage. 

'Occupancy simulation'

People used to accomplish this effect by putting their home’s lights on timers. Simple, yes, but the predictability of timers backfired and became a clear sign to burglars that the house was in fact vacant. Today’s systems are much harder to crack because they are able to mimic your family’s behaviours and schedules by turning lights, TVs, and music on and off in a more realistic fashion. To an outside observer, it will look just like you’re home, watching your favourite shows and moving about the house.

Take control

Just as a security system sends outgoing messages to you, it can receive incoming messages from you. Don’t like what you see on your security footage? Remotely turn on the porch lights and speak out over an intercom to scare off the intruder. Is your teenager getting home from a date? Make sure they get in safely and lock up as soon as they are inside without having to leave your bed. From your phone or tablet, you can also alter the settings of your home security system—like allowing houseguests access to your home while you’re at work. It’s also enormously helpful if you find that someone forgot to close the garage or lock the front door. With a secure remote connection, you can lock up right from your smartphone.

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