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Electric vehicle charging points, powered by the sun

EV solar charge

We have recently undergone training to become fully certified by Rolec EV, the largest independent electric vehicle (EV) charge point manufacturer, to manage and install electric vehicle charging points to residential properties.

In recent years the electric vehicle industry has taken huge steps forward, which has included significant advancements in battery technology. The latest development on the traditional EV Wall Pod is the capability for it to be powered solely by solar energy. Whilst this EV Solar Charge pod can be powered by the Grid, it also allows homeowners to charge their own electric vehicle from their solar generation system.

Planning for the future

You only have to look at leading car manufacturers to see that electric vehicles are the future. We recommend that, to keep up with developments and to future-proof your property, all new home builds, and construction projects in general, include electric vehicle charging points as standard in planning permission applications. 

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint

The benefits that surround electric vehicles help minimise the negative impacts on the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, further improved by the use of the Solar Charge pod. As well as the environmental benefits, this charging unit it also very cost-efficient and can save homeowners money on a monthly basis.

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Electric Vehicles

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