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Our sophisticated multi-media system, allows you to play your favourite TV shows, films, music and games from anywhere in the house. Whether you listen to CDs and DVDs or stream your entertainment, we integrate and link each aspect to a central hub and which can be controlled from anywhere in the house with just a push of a button, the swipe of a finger or a spoken command.

We work with you from the very beginning to design an all-encompassing system with you and your family in mind - creating your perfect home. 

Individual wants

We appreciate that not everyone has the same taste in music so our systems allow different media sources to be played in different rooms, or simultaneously. Our AV systems can be controlled in every room via built-in touch panels on the walls, remote controls, or even iPads and iPhones, if you prefer. Any audio source can be played in any room. The speakers can even be used in conjunction with video sources so that audio from a TV can play through ceiling or wall speakers in the same room, which is particularly useful when watching music videos or films. 

The key to a successful multi-room audio system is to have a simple, unified control system with an intuitive interface to control whatever source equipment you choose, and to have an easy way to select which rooms the music is being played in and at what volume.

Audio Video

Beauty in design

At Integrated Logic, whilst we are proud of how our systems function, making them look good is equally important to us. Whether you want to complement the decor with large-scale speakers or keep all the equipment concealed behind recesses or even walls to create discreet surround sound, we are on hand to create your vision. 

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